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Read Text Only: MADE IN SF - Leftovers


Adopting the phrase "everybody loves leftovers," this corner perched, Polk Street furniture consignment (with an additional location a block away on Sutter) has these words ringing true among local, secondhand retail patrons for its bargain-infused inventory, and the eclectic fusion of merchandise in their store. Its curators' blunt eye for aesthetic has created a "mixed bag" that's proven to be exceedingly harmonious, and has lately been catching the attention of locals and decorators alike.

 With their double-storefront locations within walking distance of each other, both settings have become known for the quality of their fair-priced merchandise, and a consistently well-stocked inventory of antique, new, and repurposed moveables. In addition, they'll assume your consignment with an ethical 50 percent divide of the selling price, allowing you to purchase and trade in a single visit.

 Taking after her influential mother who owns a long-standing local clothing consignment, the stores's owner, Kelly Hensley, launched Leftovers in May of 2009 after a long history in the consignment business, and a spontaneous inquiry into an available empty storefront. Leftovers was uniquely established under Kelly's motivation to offer the best quality secondhand selection, guided by a well-informed staff of decorators with the everyday, singular incentive to take customer service to the next level. With her favorite charities in mind, Kelly also regularly donates portions of the store's proceeds to the local animal shelters, foster care programs, and halfway houses, including the ARA and Rooms for Change here in San Francisco; making the humble store a well-known and greatly appreciated beneficiary to these reliefs.

 Leftovers renders a somewhat unusual collection of new and used furniture, art, knickknackery, and housewear, with a range in maturity that may catch proficient treasure hunters by surprise. From vintage glassware and pottery, to 19th century beveled frames, there are few limitations for which items are accepted; creating an endlessly eclectic assortment of collectables. Visit Kelly and her friendly staff at either location, seven days a week.

1259 polk @ bush
1243 sutter @ polk