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Read Text Only: Art - Jennifer Wasson


San Francisco is like an impressionist painting. Classic angles, bright glows, and a distinct picturesqueness, making the perfect subject for our artist feature, Jennifer Wasson. Her work depicts our city in its most beautiful state: shadowy, dramatic, and romantic.

Wasson moved to the Bay Area from Manhattan, NY where she grew up and trained in the art of painting. Many of her most cinematic works are a part of a continuing series entitled "Crosswalk Divinity Series," where steeples of churches are prominently seen basking in the dim lighting of dusk. Her fascination with church architecture, however, does not stem from a religious standpoint, but a feeling of inspiration that comes from the light and atmosphere these man-made structures possess.

Her unique technique is not to be classified simply as impressionist, as her process involves a perfect mixture of form and formlessness. With this balance she successfully captures the natural beauty and drama of a San Francisco landscape.

Works such as Jennifer Wasson's are an immortalization of the streets we walk on and the views we admire. In every work of art she paints; cracked roads, power lines, and familiar buildings of wood and cement take on a life out of the ordinary, as if the places we cherish come right out of a timeless fairy tale.

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