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Read Text Only: Project One


Just below the sleepy streets of Potrero Hill, amongst the campus of California College of the Arts and the plethora of high-end design shops and boutiques of the design district, exist a unique space that can only be described as a hybrid of all things San Francisco. The motto of Project One is "come as you are and be yourself", and their 2000 square foot converted showroom exudes the confidence and mentality that an evening of art and dancing is still very alive and well in San Francisco.
Initially the most refreshing thing about Project One is their very diverse array of permanent artwork and the current exhibitions. Partner and operator Katt Coavalo and Curator Brooke Waterhouse constantly deliver an atmosphere that is both welcoming and provocative served with a Pomegranate Ginger Fizz, their signature cocktail, or any of their international selection of beer and wines. The overall concept for Project One is accessibility with a twist of magnitude that is felt from the moment you walk in the door.
The gallery space is inviting and ample for the works they feature, which is on constant rotation month to month and always the main event for the massive event space. It is the fresh and inviting content of their gallery that make this venue unique; with 1200 square feet of exhibition space and a massive 20 feet ceiling the works on show are a welcome-mat for what is sure to be a satisfying evening of city life in symbiosis with relevant artistic expression.
The current exhibition entitled "Red, White and Blow" could not be a more perfect example of how this space pulls the real provocative talent of our community into a setting where it is appreciated and admired for its viewpoint and natural ascetic. This show focuses on the most unstagged most candid moments of life in the midst of the unpredictable occurrences of our 20 something’s. Perhaps the most identifiable, yet unconceivable, first hand look at the un-edited personal photographical and unstaged documentation and completely random moments of modern daily life both here in San Francisco, or anywhere for that matter.
The Design District is often over looked when planning a night out on the town, but know that there is an undiscovered vivacious nightlife waiting for you for you at Project One. Their space is a canvas for spoken word, sculpture, performance art, live painting, and the best up and coming artist in our own neighborhood, truly an introspective look at San Francisco with the courage and confidence to be their own art force.