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Erik Otto is an artist hard at work. He dedicates time to his craft like a full-time occupation. One may assume it difficult for an artist to keep such a regimen, especially since inspiration can be fleeting; but for an artist as passionate about his work as Erik, inspiration seems to come easily. He is inspired by an awareness of his surroundings and the daily tribulations people have to overcome. In his solo exhibition entitled “Tomorrow is Never Promised,” Erik showcases a series of new works depicting life's everyday struggle with a hint of hope, a stroke of uncertainty, and a splash of emotion.

Otto is an Alumni at the Recology Artist in Residency Program, and continues to utilize recycled, reclaimed materials for his art; from leftover house paint to discarded fabrics, which he uses as a canvas to bring new life to otherwise disposed items. Knowing that the artist uses recycled wood and brushes to create his masterpiece creates an instant emotional connection to his works. The sensational pieces in this art show will speak to your heart and soul, and is an exhibit you must not miss.