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The trends that currently follow Cow Hollow are an evident reflection of what once was evolving in the area. With a history of being home to the discerningly fashionable that dates back to the late 18th Century, it’s not surprising to discover the district’s popularly favored Union Street has become a proud extension of its heritage; now a common recommendation synonymous with determined shopping voyages, brunching excursions, and its acclaimed 34-year-running Union Street Festival. But for the card-carrying op-shopper, you’ll be pleased to discover the district is also home to one of the city’s many antiquarian paragons; or as others have put it more eloquently: a ceremony of someone else’s leftovers.
Past Perfect, located on Union Street just between Fillmore and Steiner (with another popular location seated on Lombard, offering a more expansive collection of furniture), is Cow Hollow’s noteworthy consignment shop, and has been a loyal resident here for the past 9 years.
With a selection evolving weekly, Past Perfect carries a vast assortment of vintage and mid-century modern collectables, accompanied by a variety of unusual antique knick-knacks. We recommend dedicating an afternoon to poke around this pearl of a shop and check out their continuously fluctuating inventory; ranging from sophisticated antique barware, unspoiled Vogues from the 1960’s, rare California History Nuggets from the 30’s, furnishings from the late 19th century to the late 60’s, and a healthy assortment of hand selected vintage threads, with an emphasis on men’s and women’s casuals from the 50’s. It’s practically impossible to disregard the friendly atmosphere here, with an informed and tremendously helpful staff, you can easily sense the appreciation of vintage through Past Perfect’s curators. Not to overlook the old-time undercurrent manifested by Henry Allen’s ‘Get the Mop’ you can easily hear impressing the loud speakers, this place is to be experienced in more ways than one. For the vintage connoisseur, old-fashioned enthusiast, and period patrons, Past Perfect offers an impressive collection sure to amuse its avid visitors.

Editor’s favorites:
1964 women’s bowling trophy
National reel-2-reel tape recorder
Hardback Copy of ‘Adventures in English Literature’ (1933 copyright)
Mid-Century marsh mellow bench
1950’s Hot Nuts dispenser

Visit Past Perfect
2230 Union St
(between Fillmore St
& Steiner St)