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Read Text Only: Pride Issue
Photography: Daniel Nicoletta


As a photojournalist, gay rights activist, and co-founder of the Frameline Film Festival (the largest gay film festival in the world), Daniel Nicoletta is an inspiration to many. You’ve seen his work featured in countless publications and films as he chronicles the LGBT community history in The Bay. At the tender age of 19, he was hired by Harvey Milk and Scott Smith to work at their camera store, Castro Camera, and has been a champion for gay rights ever since.

His show entitled More Glitter, Less Bitter, was inspired by a young gay man holding a poster in protest at a proposition 8 rally, and embodies his recent mantra, focusing on celebration rather than bitterness and anger.

Nicoletta’s exhibit of images taken over the past 35 years is a rollercoaster of history, emotion, and beauty. It includes haunting photographs of past times, familiar iconic faces, unadulterated mischief, and the theatrics of life.

Through his work, he hopes to inspire people to transform oppressive situations into something that is fun and artistic. “That is what Harvey was all about—he always used to say, ‘if you’re not having fun you’re totally missing the boat,’” states Nicoletta.

Don’t miss Daniel Nicoletta’s rarely shown body of work, currently on exhibit at the SF Electric Works Gallery. Get inspired and experience San Francisco’s GLBT History.

SF Electric Works
June 4 - July 10
130 8th Street
San Francisco, CA

Daniel Nicoletta

LGBT Pride Celebration,
June 26, 1988