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Read Text Only: Pride Issue
HOME: Urban Lodge


Sitting just above one the many bustling intersections of Divisadero, Jess Cuevas and Lis Goldschmidt cohabitate what can only be described as the most eclectic and rustic urban lodge. Jess, a retail store owner, and Lis, an acupuncturist/clothes maker, love their space and the treasures that it holds in a curiously heartwarming way.
Dark navy blue walls, black bandanas, and raw woods effortlessly mix with delicately labeled mason jars, pin cushions, and smooth pastels. Jess describes it perfectly as a fashion magazine hoarding lumberjack’s, slightly gothic, minimally pop-culture obsessed little den. The objects that litter the rooms all have some sort of sentimental value or hold a purpose close to Lis and Jess’ heart, and they both believe that everything must have functionality.
The loft bed, designed and built by Paul Mirocha, is constructed from reclaimed wood. Jess proclaims that it is similar to sleeping on a dock. The custom built “dock” allows them to get an aerial view of their space, including a copy of Madonna’s Sex and the latest copy of Fantastic Man Magazine. The loft provides an escape for the couple and doubles the space in their studio, making for a perfect city dwelling.
Lis and Jess like things a little bit dark, pretty, but not too precious (with the exception of their small, one-year-old dog, Mikey). The carefully chosen items that grace this sunlit home are truly an expression of love and passion, with Mikey as their guardian. Thanks to Lis and Jess for this intimate look into their humble and one of a kind abode.