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Read Text Only: Pride Issue
Gallery: Femina Potens


On any given day you can stroll down the sidewalks of Market Street in the heart of the Castro and you’re likely to find a group of people congregated in the progressive, community driven art space, Femina Potens. Since 2003, Femina has slowly built an impressive array of programs that support and educate the LGBT community, as well as promote the multidisciplinary art of women and people living outside the traditional gender binary.
Femina Potens was an extension of the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) arts movement, popularized by places like CELLspace around the turn of the century in San Francisco. To this day, the organization still embraces the same collaborative approach in its daily operation and organization. Gender identity, empowerment, sexuality, and self-exploration have been and continue to be the focus of their exhibitions.
Since moving to their Market Street location in 2007, the group, aptly named after the Latin term for “powerful woman,” has enjoyed a surge of participation and traffic that has started new programs and cutting-edge projects, addressing more than just the local art scene.
Founder Madison Young and the rest of the volunteers and members of Femina Potens will soon launch The Adult Industy Resource Center, geared toward supporting men and women working in the adult film industry. Young continues to foster support and communication between feminist audiences and queer artists with a unique fervor and no limits.
Join Femina Potens in celebrating San Francisco pride with the artwork of Tanya Wischerath. The intimate figurative portraits of Wischerath are on display through June 26th, as well as a community mural installation by Precita Eyes founder and operator Susan Cervantes.