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Yield Wine Bar


If there is one thing San Franciscans have in common, it’s a love of all things green. We drive green cars, we shop with reusable bags, and we take shorter showers to conserve water. So, there is one final frontier of “greenness” I dare you all to breach: go drink a glass—or a few glasses—of environmentally friendly wine at Yield Wine Bar.

Yield, located in the Dogpatch (a charmingly regenerated and easily reached nook of San Francisco), serves wine made from grapes that are farmed organically. Just over 3 years ago, owner Chris Tavelli took a dilapidated warehouse and turned it into an inviting space where wine enthusiasts and ordinary Joes alike could unwind with a glass in hand.

Yield immediately makes you feel at home, as if you’ve strolled into a friendly neighbor’s flat, rather than a bar. Patrons are greeted with a smile, and can take a seat on one of the low, comfortable couches or stools, which are flanked by simple tables and crafted from recycled wood. They serve a finely selected menu of appetizers, which is written daily upon a large chalkboard hanging from the wall. I tried a deliciously light broccolini salad, as well as the calamari. The servings were small, but that is to be expected, considering the $5 price tag per item.

The wine list itself is short and simple. There are 10 reds and 10 whites to pick from, with selections rotating frequently. After having a word with Duncan, the bar manager, he urged me to choose what sounded best. I decided on an Old Vine Zinfandel, which was both fruity and smooth; precisely what I like in a wine.
The staff of Yield doesn’t seem to care too much about what’s moving quickly off the shelves, or what has the biggest price tag; rather, they understand the phrase “to each their own.” These people simply love wine and want you to like it too. When I asked, “Why Go Green?” their answer was simple: born and raised in Mendocino, they have always had a passion for the environment and wanted to incorporate that into their Wine Bar. Go figure—bay area locals with a passion for green; a San Francisco commonality. Yield Wine Bar is a new addition to my green way of life, and I suggest you add it to your list too. It sure as hell beats taking a short shower.

2490 3rd Street, San Francisco CA