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To the Incas in the South American Andes and other civilizations before, Con Ticci Viracocha was the god who was the creator of all things, and he was associated with the sea for as the word’s literal meaning is “Foam of the Sea”. And like an ocean that brings ashore a variety of eclectic objects after a stormy night, Viracocha on Valencia Street is filled with treasures from different times, each with their own story attached.

It all started with the personal collection of curious items from proprietor Jonathan Siegel and continues to evolve with found objects off the streets of San Francisco, to goods that were brought in by patrons in form of donations or as acquisitions.

The space, adorned with repurposed wood collected by Jonathan from junkyards, adds to the worn, classic look of the store’s appeal. The store has potential that extends far beyond its physical content that is for sale. Poetry slams, theatrical performances, literary readings, musical events, and art. People are invited to gather and create a community that transforms the space through interactions into a place of ideas and exchange. Their goal is to bring together consumers, creators, and contributors to enhance their understanding of the powerful dynamic between each other that everyone within the community can benefit from.
Plants and art both enhance the assortment and the atmosphere that is filled with precious trinkets, with out of the ordinary items from bathtubs to church organs. Many of the merchandise in the store have been removed from their original context and repurposed. Take the colorful traffic light glass covers for example, which you can now buy as plates for your dinner table, or restored old typewriters, a pair of subway station turnstiles, and even vintage clothing.
The variety invites passersby to explore, with the stores eclectic medley that feels very whole and carefully put together. The woven chair with the absurdly oversized back that makes it look like an outlandish throne must be my favorite of all. Anything has the potential for many purposes and what you will find here, combined with your creativity will allow for an ocean of possibilities.

998 Valencia St.