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Recology SF


Everyone has, at one point in their lives, thrown away something that has lost its value or functionality, and the likelihood that those forgotten things will make their way to the dumps and landfills is generally accepted. The San Francisco Solid Waste Transfer and Recycling Center has another plan for your forgotten refuse, and is something unique and awe inspiring. For the past two decades, over one hundred Bay Area artist and students have called The Dump their home; diverting your waste away from the landfill and into their studios.

With artist and activist Jo Hanson’s original effort, Recology San Francisco has slowly built an impressive, all-inclusive system that has turned your trash into the creative works of some of the best artists in the city. The environmental education program sees up to 2,000 school children and 1,500 adults pass through every year, and boasts one of the most stunning sculpture gardens that sits like an oasis in the desert of San Francisco’s daily garbage.

With the ever closely approaching 2020 deadline of reducing San Francisco to a zero-waste city, the Artist in Residence Program is an asset with multiple benefits. Artists selected to work in the studio/exhibition space have both an endless supply of extraordinary items at their disposal, and four months to spend “shopping” for just the right materials for their final works. In the last week of an artist’s residency, the studio becomes a free and open gallery space for the public.

Current Bay Area artists John Short and Benjamin Burke labor intently on new bodies of work, inspired and created from their daily scavenge. The residence program intentionally chooses artists who have established a strong sense of resource conservation and environmental consciousness.

Both Short’s re-engineered sculptural installations and Burke’s lo-fi animatronics performance pieces embrace the unique space and opportunity that this environment seems to nurture. The Dump offers a distinctive atmosphere of endless possibilities, and fuels the work of these fine artists. It educates the next generation of creative conservation, and is simply not to be missed; especially for those who contribute to the waste that moves through this amazing facility.

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Next Art Exhibit at Recology
May 14th, 2010 5-9pm
May 15th, 2010 1-5pm

Current Artists in Residence:
Benjamin Perkins Burke
The Uncanny Valley Orphanange

Josh Short
Break In Case of Emergence

Recology SF
501 Tunnel Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94134