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Cisco Home


If you aren’t a big fan of vintage furniture but would like to incorporate sustainable décor in your home, you’re in luck! Cisco Home opened its doors in Hayes Valley with a wide variety of eco-friendly, renewable, and reclaimed furniture to fit your green lifestyle.

Based in Los Angeles where most of their products are handcrafted, Cisco Home provides an alternative to the cookie-cutter furniture you might find at big box stores, and ushers a return to simple living where every piece you purchase will become an heirloom to treasure.

Cisco Home’s staff is a small group of seasoned interior designers who will gladly assist you with all of your home décor inquiries, or help to custom select the products you desire with a sustainable and earth friendly approach.

In their showroom, you will find reclaimed materials turned into classic pieces you’ll be proud to own. A blue stone wine barrel coffee table, custom made repurposed army fabric pillows, and a framed classic rescue donut are just a few pieces found in their wide-ranging inventory.

Cisco Home is an industry leader in providing designer furnishings with the FSC stamp of approval. Solely using renewable materials, non-toxic finishing, and reclaimed materials to create handcrafted pieces you’ll adore for many years to come. And the best part, it's all produced in the US.