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Christina Mazza


When one thinks of a work of art, you may see lavish creations made of glass, ornate handcrafted frames, and priceless masterpieces. When our featured artist, Christina Mazza, thinks of art, she can associate something as mundane as a crumpled water bottle washing ashore, to a beautiful subject; inspiring her to reclaim the very basic beauty in the discarded items that have become consistent with our wasteful lifestyles.

In her four-month residency at Recology, Christina’s passion for recycling and art came full circle. While admitting the experience was unsettling at first, Christina often found herself in awe of the amount of trash we discard, most of which she considered still usable. Eventually, that humbling feeling and sense of responsibility were replaced with the desire to take action. She took shipping crates made out of metal and wood—weathered and beat up as they were—and drew on top of the many textures that stress and time had left. She drew on the texture and drama of packing paper that once held precious lanterns in place, and used an iron skillet as a frame; composing an emotional piece that tells a story all on its own.

Using trash as her subject and foundation for her art provided Christina a feeling of redemption. You can sense the passionate strokes and see the dramatic detail in her work, inspiring the interpreter to be a part of the solution in creative ways you may have never thought possible.


Intersection for the Arts,
Annual Art Auction,
San Francisco, CA --
June 12th

Southern Exposure, Space Odyssey, San Francisco, CA --
May 8th

APICC - SOMArts Main Gallery,
San Francisco, CA --
May 6th - May 30th

Mills Building, The Art of Recycling, San Francisco, CA --
April 9th - July 9th

Marin Community Foundation/Marin Arts Council, Where You Are . . .
Novato, CA --
March 22nd - July 15th