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Designer Studio


Living in San Francisco is a luxury many of us work very hard to afford. Some live in their own beautiful Victorian houses, while most cohabitate with strangers they meet off of craigslist with a room to spare. Spacious affordable apartments are hard to come by and we often find ourselves struggling to fit our precious possessions in the expensive shoeboxes we call home.

How exactly can one utilize limited spaces while still enjoying the luxuries of a full sized home?
Becky Schukar, a bay area Interior Design professional and founder of B Studio, Interior Design invited us to her downtown studio apartment to show us how to live efficiently and beautifully in a typical San Francisco apartment. As an interior designer and home staging expert, Becky knows how to put things to good use by giving spaces a double purpose. In her studio apartment, she uses a stylish convertible Flex Sofa from CB2 for hosting guests during the day and enjoying a blissful rest at night. Her dining table accommodates two people, but by hanging a bookshelf wittily decorated with knick-knacks and office supplies it serves as a workspace during the day.

Avoiding bulky accessories can make a room look bigger than it is. The mid-century modern side chair from Ginkgo, the low profile White Rustic Block side table from West Elm creates an appearance of taller ceilings and a more spacious living space. Octopus Triptych wood paintings and a bowl, hand painted by Jilawan Bunnimit, as well as family heirlooms and keepsakes from her travels add a personal touch.
Nothing dresses up an apartment like thoughtfully selected curtains. Choose sheer fabrics to let the sunshine in and pair with textured fabric to give it that luxurious look.

Small bathrooms can be decorated beautifully by using simple wall ornaments. Becky uses small wood crates as shelves to house some of her toiletries and dresses the walls with ceramic petals adding architectural elements to a rather plain space.

You don’t have to spend a lot to decorate your apartment in style; take for example Becky’s design-on-a-dime tricks:

1. Get creative! Something as simple as natural rope, tied along a frame of wall hooks, provides a nice organic accent to a dull wall.

2. Use dried plants as decor - Yellow painted branches creates an inexepensive but beautiful installation as pictured in Becky’s dining area.

3. Make use of keepsakes passed down from generations. Like her classic iron keys painted in vibrant colors framed in a classic box frame.

4. Repurpose recyclable containers. She used glass jars in the kitchen as miniature terrariums planted with beautiful green succulents.