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Baer Ridgway


Just around the corner from SFMOMA is a delightful gallery beckoning art lovers to take a peek and discover a hidden gem in the SOMA District.
Kent Baer & Eli Ridgway opened Baer Ridgway Exhibitions in the summer of 2008. It quickly became popular among San Francisco’s art enthusiasts with each exhibition.

Upon entering the gallery, your eyes feast upon a zigzag hallway; its walls serving as a canvas for various artists since the gallery’s inception. From January through March, Baer Ridgway’s ‘Hall Project’ installation features the work of Tucker Nichols. Nichols depicts an imagined emergency storage plan for the museum created with tape and pencil. It’s a geometric mash-up, taunting gallery visitors to explore further.

The main gallery is dramatized with a square shaped fluorescent light suspended from high ceilings. The floor, laid with dark polished hardwood, makes you feel as if you are floating into abyss. As your eyes focus on the illuminated paintings on the gallery walls, it serves as your salvation from the pit beneath, leading you to a path of enlightenment or endless musings.

This spacious gallery is the ideal atmosphere to contemplate the works of Amir H. Fallah’s tailor-made, San Francisco inspired paintings. Psychedelic imagery and ornate flower arrangements depict Fallah’s love/hate relationship with the occult. (As pictured in this article)

On the lower level, a quaint bookstore ties in current exhibitions with a collection of books and zines handpicked by various artists currently showing at the gallery. There is more art to experience on this level; it often serves as the room where Baer Ridgway plays host to conceptual artists showcasing video installations, social functions and other exhibitions.

Relatively young, emerging artists create many of the works one would find on exhibition. Some of these artists are currently in residence at the gallery, collaborating with other creative minds and delighting visitors with awe-inspiring art.

Upcoming Exhibits:
February 20 - March 27, 2010

April 3 - May 1, 2010

Baer Ridgway Exhibitions