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Boris Jovanovic


Born in the former nation of Yugoslavia, Boris Jovanovic grew up in tumultuous times. As a young boy he escaped to sketching, drowning out the tension around him with art. In his early teens, Boris got inspired by graffiti prominent all over the city of Belgrade. Some were works of art and others were voicing opposition for the communist powers taking hold of Serbia.

He dreamt of life outside his war torn country, admiring glossy pages of magazines from Western Europe. He created Fanzines, popular in the early 90s, filled with images of high fashion, art, and style. Thus began his obsessed-like passion for graphic arts.

After serving his mandatory service in the military, he pursued an education in Graphic Design and started building the foundation for his future. He was called to duty a second time, only this time, he fled the country for a better life. He escaped to Greece, Cyprus, and Sweden for three years. Finally, he came to America and settled in Los Angeles for the last decade.

Throughout his life, art has sustained him; given him comfort and protected him from the misery that was once just right outside his window. With his gift, he was able to see beauty in darkness. Appreciating every little glimpse of color and hope in a world full of aggression.

Though he is fully aware of his many inspirations, when looking closely at this series of work, he realized that his early life inspired his art more than he thought. Tension is present in most of his work; a struggle delicately articulated through imagery with smudges of color representing that small glimmer of hope in all of us.
In 2008, San Francisco called to him. Although he loved Los Angeles, Boris left his life there in pursuit of a more fulfilling one. Since then, he has fallen in love with San Francisco: its people, its liberal roots and most of all the fresh air. He couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

Check out Boris Jovanovic’s work currently exhibiting at:
Mama Calizo’s Voice Factory,
1519 Mission St. San Francisco.