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By Catlin Snodgrass


Among the Mission District’s numerous cafés, mom-and-pops, favored eateries, and popular consignment stores rests a charming family-owned shop that is readily giving the term nostalgia a run for its loot. This aptly named furniture resale shop was established almost 20 years ago by its two devoted owners, Lann Ballard and Lino Beles, who will still enthusiastically greet you upon visiting the store. Originally selling their own furniture as a means to launch the business, it was a satisfying feat for these two gentlemen to see their shop eventually become a staple amongst locals and vintage connoisseurs alike. In the beginning, the two partners came up with the name while the shop doubled as their living quarters. “The name just stuck,” stated Ballard of his prized space. “After we moved our own furniture into the shop to get it started, it only seemed appropriate.”

The appeal in The Apartment’s concept is obvious: while half the fun is in the hunt, an object’s history can certainly create a bewitching appeal to the pursuant. This carefully scouted inventory is nothing short of impressive. You can find a fine assortment of collectible vintage novelties here, ranging from turn of the century furnishings, to retro 1950’s appliances, timeless film cameras from the 60’s, and an abundance of old family photographs. Not to overlook its Early-

Century Western flair, there’s a large range of Russian Orthodox artwork and literature to boot.
While The Apartment maintains this eclectic blend of collectibles, it remains a fundamental Mission District post; perfectly suited to the knickknack enthusiast on a novelty hunt. If you happen to stumble upon this gem of a shop, be prepared to leave with your hands full and your innermost op-shopper satisfied.

Visit The Apartment
3469 18th Street San Francisco, CA