Transience: The Work of David Molina and Music Issue Release Party.

Join us for our first event of 2013 in celebration of the Music Issue and Transience: The Work of David Molina. An exhibit on the art of sound. Show open through February 28, 2013. Gallery hours: are 11am to 6pm, every Wed through Sat.

Curatorial Statement
Transience provides a retrospective look at David Molina’s theatrical scores and music compositions as well as his collaborative works with Bay Area artists including Garrett La Fever, Mickey Tachibana, Cause Collective, Susie Valdez, Victor Cartagena, Violeta Luna, Roberto Varea, and Anna Geyer. The exhibition presents existing and new interactive works such as Memory Web, which showcased at SOMARTS and the 2012 San Francisco Fine Art Fair. For this particular exhibition, Molina will be presenting his latest interactive work, Rusting Souls, which entailed a deconstructing and reconstructing of the Cimbalom, an instrument originally from eastern Europe.

Also featured is “A Dividing Line: American Ashes”, a 14 channel speaker installation about immigration, the border, and the lives that cross it or are separated by it. Molina and Roberto Varea conducted interviews with immigrants who shared their personal accounts of crossing, migration, and assimilation. Found interviews of militiamen, politicians, and anti immigrant propaganda counterpoint the migrant stories.  Read More

Querida Calle 24 | Dear 24th Street
Opening Tuesday, October 16, 2012 from 7-10pm for the exhibition opening and
Food Issue Release Party.

Join us for a delicious night as we premiere our second annual Food Issue highlighting SF's best restaurants in conjunction with an amazing art exhibit by acclaimed local artist Sita Bhaumik entitled "Querida Calle 24 | Dear 24th Street St" Sita's amazing work will grace the gallery at Asterisk SF HQ with interactive art for your enjoyment. Enjoy drinks from our sponsors and delicious Churros by Dominguez Bakery.

Curatorial Statement
Art serves as reflection. It mirrors what has come before, what exists, and gives inspiration to what may follow. Art is also a conduit to introspection. It raises questions about the relationship between culture, tradition, and location. In the exhibition, Querida Calle 24 | Dear 24th Street, installation artist Sita Kuratomi Bhaumik takes memories and experience to pay homage and gratitude to the well known 24th Street in San Francisco. With the increasing traffic and popularization of the Mission District, Bhaumik seizes the opportunity to form of a visual and a multisensory love letter to the stretch of urban landscape...
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Please join us on Thursday, September 13, 2012 from 7-10pm for the exhibition opening.

2 Years, 12 Issues, 12 Districts of photos from SAN FRANCISCO STREETS.

Our story begins on the streets. Almost three years ago, Asterisk SF was born - we seek to show parts of the city that aren't glamorous or highly publicized. We wanted to show the beauty that is all around us from graffiti to nature. Equipped with a DSLR and a fiery passion for the city - founders Alexander Winter and Jeremy Joven took to the streets of San Francisco to highlight different districts that inspire us to keep publishing.

They started with 24th street - where they lived. The smell, the beauty, the community's undying passion for cultural preservation - all enhanced by the residents of 24th Street from Mission to Potrero. The photo exhibit is an exploration of the past 12 issues and the images we've captured - each one with a story to tell.

All proceeds go towards publishing more issues to cover more parts of the city we love for the next publishing year.

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Please join us on Tuesday, July 10, 2012 from 7-9pm for the exhibition opening.

Works By:

Art and Design Exhibition - Curatorial Statement

Gathering together a collection of San Francisco’s creative, innovative, and talented artists was a challenging endeavor. With the Art & Design issue highlighting only a fraction of phenomenal individuals that inhabit this city, our selection for the artists features spans artistic disciplines. From traditional printmaking to painting and drawing to new media based collage, each artist presents something very distinct about the spirit and vibrancy of a San Francisco Bay Area.

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Enchanted Apparitions - Jennifer Wasson

Asterisk SF Gallery is pleased to present Enchanted Apparitions: New Works by Jennifer Wasson. Friday, June 15, 2012

The whimsy and beauty of nature and animals may have never been displayed in such an enchanting way as Jennifer Wasson has in her new series "Apparitions". Inspired by the her studios in the redwoods and a fantasy with peacocks - came a series of paintings in oil expressing the emotions, the vibrance and the tranquil beauty of the wild.

Her paintings like the bear, the albino peacock and the lone donkey strikes a perfect mix of joy and sadness, both complex and admirably beautiful.

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Cholas to Picasso: The 3D Artworks of Rio Yanez, a collection of 3D drawings and photography. Please join us on Thursday, May 3, 2012 from 7-9pm for the exhibition opening.

As a native San Francisco artist, curator, and photographer, Yañez includes the viewer into the art experience. This show is particularly meaningful as it is Yañez’s first solo exhibition in the neighborhood where he was raised. In Cholas to Picasso: The 3D Artworks of Rio Yañez, three-dimensional works of his ongoing series, The Ramirez Sisters, depicting two siblings and their parallel lives in San Francisco’s Mission District takes on the form of sequential art. Although Yañez negates text, the images of the sisters evokes a strong sense of the how the city shapes the sisters’ individual identities. With his re-contextualization and imaginings of Frida Kahlo and Picasso inspired works, the images mesh into the contemporary fabric Yañez calls home. His photographic works depict the richness and vibrancy of San Francisco. Through Red and Cyan colored lenses, the dynamic simulation of being in these moments of creation is brought to the participant. The textures and scenes of the city enliven the urban landscape. The three-dimensional facet of the works are also kinetic and engaging as they lure the viewer into participating into the city’s infectious and energetic spirit.

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Asterisk San Francisco + Gallery
ART HAPPENS - Grand Opening - Group Show .

Asterisk San Francisco is proud to present ART HAPPENS - A group show with San Francisco's emerging artists previously featured in Asterisk San Francisco Magazine.

This group exhibition showcases talented artists in the Bay Area whose works have evoked an artistic awakening through art while lighting up our personal passions.

Participating Artists:
Boris Jovanovic
Christina Mazza
Erik Otto
Jennifer Wasson
Trev Yoder
Carissa Potter

Exhibit opens February 24, 2012 - May 3, 2012.

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