Enchanted Apparitions - Jennifer Wasson

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Asterisk SF Gallery is pleased to present Enchanted Apparitions: New Works by Jennifer Wasson. Friday, June 15, 2012

The whimsy and beauty of nature and animals may have never been displayed in such an enchanting way as Jennifer Wasson has in her new series "Apparitions". Inspired by the her studios in the redwoods and a fantasy with peacocks - came a series of paintings in oil expressing the emotions, the vibrance and the tranquil beauty of the wild.

Her paintings like the bear, the albino peacock and the lone donkey strikes a perfect mix of joy and sadness, both complex and admirably beautiful.

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I split my time between the urban hills of San Francisco and a cabin deep in the redwoods of the Santa Cruz mountains. With one foot in each world, I’m compelled to reconcile the divide between our man made contemporary culture and the natural world. My work reflects this juxtaposition as abstract color fields & patterns collide with natural forms.

I am constantly chasing an elusive equilibrium between form and formlessness… convinced that true beauty hangs in the balance. The chase involves dancing with the unknown: allowing an image to unfold rather than plodding along in a deliberate linear fashion. My creative process is a continual cycle of creation and destruction, so what ends up on the canvas is as much about what’s been added as what’s been taken away.

Jennifer Wasson