Cholas to Picasso: The 3D Artworks of Rio Yañez, a collection of 3D drawings and photography. Please join us on Thursday, May 3, 2012 from 7-9pm for the exhibition opening.

As a native San Francisco artist, curator, and photographer, Yañez includes the viewer into the art experience. This show is particularly meaningful as it is Yañez’s first solo exhibition in the neighborhood where he was raised. In Cholas to Picasso: The 3D Artworks of Rio Yañez, three-dimensional works of his ongoing series, The Ramirez Sisters, depicting two siblings and their parallel lives in San Francisco’s Mission District takes on the form of sequential art. Although Yañez negates text, the images of the sisters evokes a strong sense of the how the city shapes the sisters’ individual identities. With his re-contextualization and imaginings of Frida Kahlo and Picasso inspired works, the images mesh into the contemporary fabric Yañez calls home. His photographic works depict the richness and vibrancy of San Francisco. Through Red and Cyan colored lenses, the dynamic simulation of being in these moments of creation is brought to the participant. The textures and scenes of the city enliven the urban landscape. The three-dimensional facet of the works are also kinetic and engaging as they lure the viewer into participating into the city’s infectious and energetic spirit.

Cholas to Picasso:
The 3D Artworks of Rio Yañez, a collection of 3D drawings and photography..

As a native San Franciscan, Yañez grew up on 26th Street to parents who were both visual artists. In the 1970s, his father was a collage artist and curator, while his mother was a painter. Rene Yañez, his father, remains highly active in the Bay Area arts community today. Father and son have co-curated shows and worked in tandem, most recently on a 3-D art project enticing viewers into a rich dialogue both visually and physically. In addition, Yañez created 3-D conversions of his father’s other work. As co-founders of art group The Great Tortilla Conspiracy, the duo silkscreen tortillas with chocolate ink and create edible works of art that serve as both interventions and experimental art.

Prints of his Mission / 24th Street inspired series - "Las Adventures de la Ramirez Sisters" is available at the gallery starting at $100. Also showing are some truly fantastic 3D photography and Picasso / Frida inspired peices in 3D.

Having been conceived, born, and raised all within a mile of the Asterisk SF HQ it means so much to be having this exhibit here on the 24th St. corridor. So much in this city have changed since I was a kid buying 3D comics at the San Francisco Comic Book Co. on 23rd and Mission. The works in this exhibit are explorations of anaglyph 3D as a medium for art and a way for me to share my experiences growing up in San Francisco in a unique way. Las Adventures of the Ramirez Sisters is a narrative about a diverging day in the lives of two twin sisters in the Mission District. The series is an ongoing collaboration with artist Mayra Ramirez and is a way for us to relate our experiences in the neighborhood and share different facets of Latina aesthetics and culture in the Bay Area. The other works in this exhibit represent explorations of graphic art and photography in 3D. My Picasso homages and The Two Fridas are elements of projects I have created for the de Young Museum. The 3D photographs are my way of preserving faces and places in the constantly evolving landscape of the Mission District. This exhibit is dedicated to my friend and mentor Stan Heller who taught me everything I know about 3D art processes and to Mayra Ramirez, my primary collaborator and chola muse. My most humble gratitude goes out to the Asterisk SF Team for sharing their excitement of 3D art with me and allowing me the opportunity to show my work. Thanks homies! None of the art in Cholas to Picasso would have been possible without the support, patience, and love given to me by Yolanda Lopez, Rene Yañez, and Sarah Guerra. I love you all so much!

Peace, Rio Yañez